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Dr. Emanuel is best known from his former clinic in West Palm Beach, Florida USA. Where many Hollywood stars were treated by him.
We speak English, Spanish and Dutch.

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Botulinum toxin is used medically, to treat certain muscular conditions and cosmetically remove wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing muscles.

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Dermal Fillers

A dermal fillers treatment can be very quick and effective and have a minimal impact on your time.

plasmolifting marbella

Plasmo Lifting

Plasmolifting is a cell rejuvenation technology of the future.

bruxism marbella


Do you have teeth grinding or are you clenching your jaws? This is also referred to as bruxism.

hyperhidrosis marbella

Excessive Perpiration (Hyper- hidrosis)

Excessive Perspiration.

Botox Injection fights underarm sweat.

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Ingrid – Alicante

I had my first Botox treatment done last Christmas. I am very happy with the result and also with the service which I received at the clinic. It gave me the boost of confidence I was looking for and definitely would be back again for another treatment.



I chose to have my cheeks lifted with a dermal filler and I knew from experience from friends who are patients of Dr Emanuel that he was the man for the job! Amazing results. I’m so,so happy!


Diane Kirkup

I have complete confidence and respect for the work Dr Emanuel has carried out for me. Over the past 4 years I have had Botox and Dermal Fillers and have been really pleased with the results.
He is an expert in his field and he carries out all his procedures in a professional capacity.
I have no reservations whatsoever in recommending his treatments to my friends and whoever wishes for any non-surgical treatments at his clinic.


Hillary and Nicholas

We have done Botox in England for more than 10 years, we moved to Estepona and wanted to try this clinic for a Botox treatment. The result was better that we had ever before,really incredible and no pain at all when Dr Emanuel performed the treatment. We come back for sure.


Louis Baker

I have had a couple of negative experiences with other practitioners in the past.However, I have seen Dr Emanuel on many occasions over the last 3 years for Botox and have always been very happy with the results, never over done, looks very natural, just better and rested appearance. On my last visit I decided to try a dermal lip filler. Dr Emanuel promised I wouldn’t end up with dreaded trout pout. I’m very happy with the result, a subtle enhancement which gives lovely definition to the lips. Thanks again.



I have had Botox and fillers many times at many different places. My visit with Dr Emanuel was amazing! Not
Only is Dr Emanuel an amazing person but he is an amazing artist at what he does. He was so knowledgeable and did an outstanding job on my lips and my Botox. I will never see anyone else but this doctor.


Steve – Sotogrande

I am a young man who has recently had cheek filler injections done with Dr Emanuel and highly recommend his services.
I had never done it before, didn’t know where to go and also who to trust.
After weeks of extensive online research, I finally organised to meet him, an initial consultation which answered all my questions and concerns. A few weeks later, I met him again and had a first round of injections. I immediately liked the result and went back the following month for a few more. The final result is simply amazing as very natural, masculine and truly enhancing. I could not live without it now. I am very glad to have found Dr Emanuel as I know I can trust with other treatments and again, highly recommend him.


Helen Cover – Casares

I was a little nervous before my first treatment for BOTOX injections, however there was no need to be, Dr Emanuel explained the whole process very clearly and put me at ease, there was never any pressure. I was given of time to consider if it was the right treatment for me. I went ahead and I am now a regular patient of Dr Emanuel, he is simply amazing! My face is much younger and fresher but with a very natural look which is exactly what i wanted, I am so pleased with the results! I trust Dr Emanuel completely, he is a TRUE professional and I highly recommend his services to anyone. Thank You Dr Emanuel, I am overwhelmed with the results.


Caroline Kist – Kapellen, Belgium

Dr Emanuel treated my face with dermofillers and botox thus giving me a whole new look. I feel and look younger. If you are unhappy at aging then look no further than Dr Emanuel. I feel a new woman


Marian Harris – Devon, UK

I would like to say a big thank you to Dr Emanuel for the expertise with which he used dermal fillers in my face. I was very unhappy about aging lines that had appeared. After treatment by Dr Emanuel I feel rejuvenated and my face looks 10 yrs younger. Thank you so much


Lauro Bless – Marbella

I had a PRP done by Dr Emanuel . My skin and scar issues seem to look so much better since the PRP I would recommend this procedure to anyone that wants to revitalize the skin. The staff is very helpful, kind, understanding, and knowledgeable.


Sandra – Antwerp

Thank you very much for your professionality Doctor Emanuel
I had a Botox treatment and the result is far better than I could have hoped for.
I come certainly back to your cabinet.



From the moment I met Dr. Emanuel during my consultation, I knew that I would be comfortable having him perform my injections. I’ve never had facial fillers before and he was very knowledgeable and helpful in guiding me to choose the right product for the results I was looking for. During the actual procedure, he explained every step and while there was immediate swelling, I could already tell he had done an excellent job placing the filler. I’m very happy with my results and will definitely be scheduling further cosmetic appointments with Dr Emanuel I can tell he truly cares about his work and the patient experience and it shows!


Peggy – San Pedro

Dr Emanuel is very professional. He does an excellent job with my fillers and Botox. I am confident with his treatments.


Sara Smith – Manilva

Dr Emanuel is absolutely amazing. This was my second treatment / procedure with him and will continue to comeback. He is an expert in his field, as well as having a great personality and making you feel at ease and comfortable. My lips look absolutely amazing. 100% satisfied


Danielle Estepona

Dr. Emanuel is very professional, after my Botox and filler procedure I look at least 10 years younger. I already recommended his to my female friends. My face looks so much better, at least 10 years younger. No wrincles, no crow’s feet. The result is amazing!!!


Kim Davis – Estepona

Dr. Emanuel is wonderful and very knowledgeable about injectables. I don’t trust anyone else.


Angela Murrow – Marbella

Dr Emanuel was very professional and made the procedure virtually painless. My face look youthful again. So happy with the results.


Casey Davids – Estepona

The natural look of my lips. Very happy with my results. Doctor Emanuel is very professional and made me feel very relaxed.


Jackie – Estepona

Dr Emanuel is an awesome doctor (very knowledgeable and caring) and his staff is over the top helpful and kind. I would recommend him and have to friends.


Alice Brown Estepona

Fantastic! Doctor Emanuel is fabulous and my lips look great.


Suzane Jones – Estepona

Can’t thank Dr. Emanuel enough for making my first lip filler experience so wonderful! Amazing results, with no pain whatsoever! Very minimal bruising and swelling that was gone by the next day, leaving me with a lovely, natural looking new pout! I still can’t stop smiling!


Sophie Taylor – Estepona

I can’t recommend Doctor enough. He is friendly yet professional and really puts you at ease. I’ve had lip fillers done previously elsewhere and found the experience very painful but was much more comfortable this time around. I was left with minimal bruising too despite the fact I bruise easily. Very happy with the results!


Alice Williams – Cacares

Dr Emanuel is amazing, made me feel totally at home and at ease (this was my first experience with injectables) and the setting is both relaxing and professional. Incredibly warm and positive experience will absolutely recommend.


Jessica Miller Marbella

Such a brilliant experience! Doctor Emanuel was so great and really took his time with my filler. He always asked for my opinion, did not rush through the process and ensured that I was 100% happy with my dermal filler before I left! Perfect result and I will definitely go back! Thank you.


Joanne O’Ryan – Estepona

A truly professional artist. Doctor Emanuel is very friendly and totally honest about what can be achieved and what cannot. Almost painless treatment with fantastic results. 24 hours on and no bruising whatever. From now on, I wouldn’t go anywhere else.


Chaja Blog Antwerp (Belgium)

I want to thank my father Dr. Emanuel for the wonderful job he did with my lips. I’m so much happy with the result.
Al my girlfriends are jealous!
Thank you daddy I love you.


Sarah Mint Estepona

I love the work Dr. Emanuel provided. I am very happy with my lips He was extremely friendly and professional. I will definitely be going back to him for any future work I want done. I made sure to do my research so I knew I was in good hands. He is the best!


Kelly Martins Estepona

Dr. Emanuel is phenomenal. He has corrected and beautified my lips after I had been going to a different place for my injections that caused me to lose my natural shape and look lumpy. Now that I’ve been seeing Dr. Emanuel, my lips look flawless, natural, and plump. The environment here is beautiful and everyone welcomes you so warmly. You know you’re in good hands the minute you walk through the front door. Would highly recommend!


Inge Straus Marbella

Dr Emanuel is an amazing doctor. During two years I have done botox and fillers with him. First of all, the botox was with good simmetrical results, natural look. The fillers were done very carefully around the eyes, cheeks and on the lips. I definitely recommend him, his knowledge of anatomy and technique are well above average.


Jane Hall Estepona

This place has a very welcoming environment, and friendly staff. I had my lips and nose done with dermal fillers , doctor Emanuel was excellent. I love my results and I would highly recommend this place! I will definitely be returning.


Inge Stam – San Pedro

I never come for a Checkup because it’s always good from the first time, last week dr Emanuel did my lips and the result is more than great.
I really recommend Doctor Emanuel he is great and nice looking too!


Asma – San Pedro

Hello , I want to thank Doctor Emanuel because I used to have a problem with my bruxism, I couldn’t sleep and after the Botox treatment he did for this I sleep so much better Doctor Emanuel is great and I want to thank him for everything and I will come back FOR SURE


Francisca Meyer – Estepona

I never expected such a good results after my first Botox ever.
All my wrinkles gone and my skin so smooth.
Regrets that I never did this before.
Thank you Dr Emanuel.
I come back after 3 months for sure.


Marie Sant

Doctor Emanuel is really fantastic and did a great job to my nose with a filler.
Unbelievable after all those years that I wanted to do a operation for this,and Doctor Emanuel did this in less than 10 minutes and without any pain and the result is super, completely straight.
Thanks again.


Marian van Zanten – Den Haag Holland

2 months ago I went to a clinic in Marbella who made a really bad job and good not after seeing this doctor again doing anything about this.
After reading all the good reviews on your website I went to you and you made such a beautiful correction to my lips.
I can’t stop looking in the mirror, unbelievable after the treatment what I done before.
Thank you very much Doctor Emanuel


Margaret King – Southampton

I just love Doctor Emanuel he is amazing at what he does and has so much confidence in his work that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Initially I was apprehensive about having my lips done given the media coverage of all these celebs with trout pouts etc but Doctor Emanuel is so passionate about his work that he ensures he creates a classy look not the trouty trashy look …I feel so much more confident and I will definitely be seeing him again.


Tracy – Estepona

I found the Doctor very professional and friendly. Dr Emanuel is very knowledgeable, honest and experienced.
I had a dermal filler in my lips and am very happy with the results.
I will definitely recommend Dr Emanuel to my friends.


Caroline Kist

I had a wonderful botox and Dermal filler treatment with Dr.Emanual.The result was amazing.I had done this treatment with other doctors but never had this result.I am so happy I met Dr Emanuel.I recommend him to everybody.He explains really well what he is going to do and gives a lot of confidence.Besides that he is a very kind and friendly person.I definitely go back to him.

caroline kist

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